Unrefined organic shea butter. "MAKEDA"


Unrefined organic shea butter. "MAKEDA"


About Makeda Shea Butter:

The Shea Butter sold by Karite Makeda is completely unrefined and often has a smoky smell. Many companies use bleaches, deodorizers, or chemicals to alter the scent and appearance of Shea Butter. Makeda Shea Butter naturally has a cream color, and a distinctive smoky smell, however, after applying to the skin, the scent lessens in strength.

Makeda Shea butter comes in 250 G container, ready to apply directly to your skin.

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Weight:  250 G.

Origin:   TOGO

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You can use Makeda shea butter on your scalp, your hair or both to improve the length, health and 

appearance of your hair. 

Gently warm Makeda shea butter to liquefy and work through your hair. Leave the emollient butters in 

place for 30 minutes or longer, wrapping your head in a hot towel for additional warmth. 

Wash out with shampoo and follow with conditioner. You can also use shea butter as a styling cream, 

particularly if you have damaged or curly hair. Rub a very small amount of shea butter between your 

hands, then apply to the hair. 

It is best to repeat this process once a week. 


Makeda shea butter is the perfect product to use on your feet. The main advantage being moisturization. 

It will treat and even prevent dry and cracked feet. Before applying, your feet should be soaked, cleansed 

and scrubbed properly and on a regular basis. In order to obtain the best results, this process should be 

done at least twice a week.

Before going to bed each night, you should wash and thoroughly rinse and dry your feet. After which one 

should apply a heavy layer of Makeda shea butter and cover your feet with a pair of thick socks in order 

for the moisturization to be locked in. These socks should be worn overnight and removed in the morning 

at which time any remaining moisturizer should be rubbed into the feet.Your deep cracks will be gone.


Massage your face with a little Makeda Shea butter. Pay attention to the lower part of your nose, the 

corner of your lips,ears and forehead. Makeda Shea butter helps reduce premature facial lines, dark 

spots,marks and bumps. Makeda shea butter will also help maintain moisture and skin softness.

Makeda Shea butter is 100% natural so it can be used daily or whenever needed. 

A little Makeda Shea butter goes a long way. It also contribute to smooth skin after shaving. 

Apply Makeda Shea butter to avoid bumps.


Makeda Shea butter will penetrate into the skin to help provide a lasting protection agains the cold and 

the wind. Because of it’s softness, unsaponifiable content and vitamin F, Shea Butter is excellent for a 

body massage. With the help of your body heat, it absorbs quickly into the skin. 

Place a small amount of Makeda Shea butter on your finger tip and watch closely as your body heat melts 

it down.  Makeda Shea butter helps reduce stretch marks, dark spots. It is effective on dry, dull, rough and flaky skin.

Makeda Shea butter, helps reduce peeling, helps protect your skin from the sun and help give a nice 

even tan. Use pure Makeda shea butter immediately after shaving and waxing to help reduce bumps and 


Add about a teaspoon of Shea Butter to a hot bath to help you relax.

Massage your feet with Makeda Shea butter daily to help reduce stress and tensions in your body. . 

Apply Makeda Shea butter in between your toes daily to avoid smelly feet and achieve soft feet. 

Apply Makeda Shea butter on your hands as often as possible. 

You can apply Makeda shea butter any time, many times a day, every hour if you can.