Talent and abilities

Intelligence, talent and abilities are not evenly distributed.  I am sure most of you (highly intelligent people) already know that.  So I kept asking myself, what happens if the ones with talent, skills and abilities decided not to use their talent anymore? What if they choose to retire their talent permanently? What if they choose to just sit around and do nothing?

What would happen to the rest of us? What would happen to the rest of the country, humanity?

We take it for granted that intelligent people, talented people have to use their abilities to benefit the rest of the planet. Who said they should do that?

Where is the law, regulation that stipulates that the talented must use their talent because other people depend upon them?

You meet stupid people every day, why should anyone with “intelligence “somehow want to associate himself with a stupid person?

What if the ones with talent and abilities decided not to use their talent and abilities anymore?

What would happen to the rest of the world?

I bet you are asking yourself where am getting at.

Right! Keep reading.

You know? These days, there are dollar stores everywhere. You walk into a dollarama, and everything is there for just a dollar. Take anything you want, and just pay a dollar. Anything!

And they put security guard in the store, so he can check on people.  

. . . So the guy followed me, as if he was told that I might steal something.

Do I look like I’m the type of person that would steal anything from dollars store?  

Never mind. How do you react to that?

So I was like “why do you keep following me?  He said he is not following me; he is just doing his job, of keeping the place secured so nobody takes anything without paying for it.

Right! I get it.

He is paid to do that.

So who makes those products?

How much does the security guy get paid to follow people?  Never mind.

Slavery has been abolished, right? Except that these days, people get paid to be and act like slaves.

 It is all in their head. Their mind has been hijacked.  

I used to get very mad at that.

Now days, I just laugh at the stupidity of the scene. I guess I have gained in maturity and have been around long enough to understand how their “hijacked” brain functions.   

. . . So the security guy thought someone who looks like “him”, with dreadlocks might steal something from “his” dollar store.

He figured he should follow me.  OK!

So, who pays this guy to follow me? I bet he probably doesn’t know. 

How much does he get paid to do that? Does he really make a living been a security guy at dollarama?

Should I complain to his boss? Who does he work for?

What If I stop buying from that particular dollars store? What if I stop buying from all dollars stores? What if we all stop buying from all dollars stores?

Will this guy continue making a living? May be he will get another security job somewhere else; and continue doing the same thing.  

Will he understand why “his” dollars store gets less and less customers? Is he intelligent enough to understand that?

So what if all the talented people out there stop using their talent and ability to create businesses so this particular security guy can get a job (can make a living!)

Help has to be deserved.

I repeat: Talent is not evenly distributed; therefore, the talented have a right to decide whom they want to help out with their abilities.

There was no point talking to this guy. That was what I told myself.

There is a time lag between his thinking and mine. AND the time lag is years.

I know it.  I have calculated it.