The cold weather as we know it, In the process of been abolished?

This year will be remembered for a long time and by future generations as the beginning of the end of the cold weather, commonly known as winter, as we have come to define it. The period of the year that roughly stretched from November to around Mid-April.  It is embedded in our systems so much that we don’t  think about it anymore, it has become part of our lives and the only thing we think of around this time of the year is to get our winter gear ready in order to go through these four, five or six months  of cold and snowy temperatures. (Depending on where you live on the planet)

Well, for those of you who might not know, I have news for you.

 It has been decided to put an end to winter as we know it. It will certainly be replaced by something else, but winter as we know it today is in the process of been abolished.

Governments around the world including our own in Canada have been secretly meeting on this subject for the past few years and have recently decided to abolish it altogether.

Yes, you have read it right.

Winter, as we know it is in the process of been cancelled.

This has come as a surprise to some of us who were involved in the secret meetings with a handful of decision makers around the world.

A little bit of history.  F.Y.I, (For your information.)

The decision of consciously introduced winter in our lives was made sometime before you were born, following a long and lengthy discussions, secret meetings, and confidential reports. It was so secret that only a handful of people were aware of it. It was a conscious decision, made by some of the powerful people at the time.

The thinking behind the plan, back then, was, in order to keep the people as long as possible inside their houses, possibly for few months at the time. This allows governments officials to conduct secret operations on behalf of the people and without fear of been discovered.

The implementation of the decision was left to the discretion of each government. Some governments chose to go light on their people, mostly the southern European governments, but others, like ours in Canada have chosen to go the hard way, making winter one of the most difficult period, to deal with in this part of the world.

Well, the chicken has now come home to roost.

The people are finding out about the government secret behaviors, sending small airplanes to high altitude to pour chemicals in the air for it to be cold. Well people are slowly finding out the truth.

We all know that governments around the world, most of the time don’t work for the benefit of their people, and are usually involved in most of the worse deals. But with all their capabilities and intelligence agencies, they never thought that this one will eventually be discovered

Now that most of the information in that regards are coming out, they started to literally shake.

They have recently decided to secretly pass a law that will put an end to winter as we know it.

Of course all information regarding this matter is highly sensitive and very confidential.

As you are probably aware of, I am not supposed to be putting this information in the open. I will therefore urge you to keep it “very” secret until it is done, but before that, please get ready for another year of snowy, cold and ugly temperature.

Happy winter.

Ps: Updates to follow on this sensitive topic.