Update. . . Unrefined Shea Butter -KARITE MAKEDA

KARITE MAKEDA is now on most shelves throughout Québec.

We have been mostly focussing in Montréal and its greater region and targeting natural products shops.  I am pleased to announce that our product has now made it to AVRIL, one of the leading natural products shops in our province. And it is also doing very well.

We always make sure that our product is displayed right next to the competition, in most cases; KARITE Makeda is the one that get picked.

As of now, with the exception of Rachelle Bérri, our product can be found in most of the natural products shops, beginning with the largest and Canadian #1 health food store in the country, “La Moisson”.

Karité Makeda is very well appreciated, the feed backs are fabulous, and customers love our product.

As we wrap up the year 2014, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to all of you who have shown interest in our product. We appreciate your support.

For 2015 we plan to slowly expand westward and concentrate on major cities one at the time.

We wish you a wonderful holiday and happy New Year.